Meeting Najwa Zebian

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

That moment when you get to meet one of your inspirations

Meeting Najwa Zebian at her book signing in February 2019 was one of the most magical moments of my life. I came across her book 'Mind Platter' on Amazon a few weeks prior to finding out that she is doing a book signing for her new release 'Sparks of Phoenix'. Her books spoke deeply to my heart and I felt so blessed to be able to meet her in person.

She definitely became one of my major inspirations for writing and putting my thoughts and feelings on paper. The formatting of my book, Infinity was inspired by her book Mind Platter which is also consists of reflections. Najwa's books created a spark within me to publish and share my work with others in the hopes that it will resonate and uplift other people's spirits.


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