Change in Attitude

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

A lot of the times, we suffer not necessarily because of the situation we find ourselves in or what is happening around us, but simply because of our own perspective towards the situation. Quite often we just don't have the right attitude towards our own circumstances. I think we all know that two people can be in the same situation but respond completely differently to it. Do you know someone who somehow takes any situation and turns it into a positive? And do you also know someone that no matter what the circumstance, can find the negative? This is, a lot of the time, the difference between how two people will experience an event or even their whole life. Our attitude towards life is what dictates how we are going to experience and live our life. True masters know that their attitude is what determines the outcome and what they create out of anything.

Although I don't like to admit it, more often than not, when I find myself in a situation that is not my ideal or think 'I shouldn't be in this situation' whatever it may be, I get into a negative state and it draws me out of the present moment. And we all know that when you're not present in the here and now, the quality of whatever you do inevitably diminishes and you can't quite focus on what you're doing. But the more I read about other people's stories, people who have this positive attitude in every aspect of life and create wonderful things out of it, the more I gain perspective and see the situation differently. For example, the other day I discovered the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco on YouTube and ended up watching his comedy specials on Netflix. I like to read about people's success stories because I know that it doesn't come overnight and I want to know how these individuals think and what they do to manifest their dreams. So I went and read his story with regards to his career and found out that he'd been doing stand up for many years and would book gigs during his lunch breaks at his job. Then, at an opportunity came for him to take a break and do a comedy tour, he took one month off and that's where his comedy really took off.

I am so mesmerized and instilled with faith whenever I read these stories because I realize that anyone who has reached their dreams has made so many sacrifices and had so much faith in their heart. This attitude, this perception towards life, taking any opportunity even if it is a small window, is what makes one live fully and fearlessly. It's what makes someone be able to fulfill their dreams and while taking action, send the signal to the universe that this is the path they've chosen. The universe is always listening and responding to us, and when we go after our dreams with the heart of lion, all the forces in the cosmos help us make our dreams come true.

And this is exactly why I read success stories, not because of the outcome but because of the challenges that were overcome and the attitude and perspective used in each situation. These people, who follow their hearts without doubt and push through any challenge despite how many there are, are true alchemists. They're taking obstacles (metals) and turning them into pure gold. This truly is the definition of mastery.

I truly believe that by being completely present whatever situation we find ourselves in, by taking every opportunity we find, by being resourceful and most importantly, grateful for everything in our lives, we can attain this mastery. This shift in attitude is everything.

This is the article I read:

I'll be sharing more articles like this that I read in hopes of sharing the inspiration with more people.


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