Christmas Season

Someone once told me: The reason why we celebrate any holiday is for hope and peace.

This resonated deeply with me and I think most people can relate to this. There's a certain aura to Christmas season, a certain peaceful energy. Even though inner peace is at the depth of our being and we can always access it, it seems somewhat easier to connect within during this time because everyone is slowing down and making time for more personal and spiritual aspects of their lives. People are taking the time to more consciously appreciate the people and the blessings in their lives. There's a shift from doing to being. It's a time for everyone to recharge and go deeper within.

During Christmas season, spiritual aspects of life, including love, friendship, family, joy, and gratitude are emphasized and the collective consciousness vibrates on a higher frequency as people are becoming more present and appreciative during this time.

Because we are more present, it's also a powerful time to send out prayers; whether it be things we wish to manifest, guidance we seek, or healing. But the most powerful prayer, and the one that always precedes the rest is prayer of gratitude. Giving thanks for the blessings, the love and the abundance in our lives is powerful, generating the vibrational frequency of love within our spirits and our entire being; When we come from a place of love and abundance, when we operate from knowing that the fullness of life is within us, we attract all positive things to us, because we recognize that we are already those things.

With the new year approaching, it's also a time to reflect and set new intentions; A reminder that we are creators of our reality and that we can create ourselves the way that we want. It's the perfect time to create ourselves anew and envision who we want to be and adopt habits and rituals that will take us closer each day to our vision. Each time we act in a way that is in line with our vision, with our higher self, we are announcing to the universe who we really are.


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