Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I find that, even though we're always told of the power of gratitude, a lot of the time we forget to incorporate it into our daily lives. Even though we know about its miraculous effects, sometimes we forget about its magic.

Recently I've been seeing messages everywhere reminding me to be grateful; whether this be through reading a book or having a conversation with a friend. The universe is always sending us messages and if we pay attention, if we become still, we're able to receive them. Sometimes when we're feeling as though things are not going as we had imagined or that we have not yet arrived at where we want to be, the universe sends us a reminder to be grateful because what we have today is what we prayed for yesterday.

In essence, gratitude is paying attention to what is present and recognizing the beauty of life itself. It's when we become conscious, aware of all the blessings in our lives, especially the seemingly small, simple things that we take for granted. When we become aware of how our body is working for us, making life possible for us here on earth, when we become conscious of our breath as we inhale and exhale, when we recognize the miracle of a single flower, that's when we feel gratitude in our innermost being. That's when we feel pure joy, pure serenity, deep within our core.

If we truly understand the magnitude of the power of gratitude, surely we will incorporate it into our every day lives. If we truly grasp its depth, we'll be sure to instill every aspect of our lives with it. We will open our eyes to all the wonders in our lives. We will truly witness how life is always supporting us in often mysterious ways.


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