“You can either live logically or magically” ~ Sadghuru

“You can either live logically or magically” ~ Sadghuru

I came across this quote by Sadghuru a while back and it really spoke to my heart. I think what it means is that most often we follow set plans, pathways that were put before us by society, without necessarily having chosen them at the deepest level.

Sometimes we just go along with whatever is presented to us or whatever we think will be in our best interest. All the while, we may not realize that the path we are following may not be what we truly want deep within our heart.

And so we follow a formula of life that grants apparent security, a path in which we will supposedly ‘get it right’. Little do we know that this form of living is only primal. It only serves our basic needs, that is, our physical needs. Now, if we were to follow a completely differently formula, one in which we would strive to become our highest selves, grow spiritually, evolve as human beings, and seek to contribute the most with our presence and with our natural talents combined with positive intention and action, we would live under a completely different blueprint for life. We would follow our soul’s longing rather than only looking to meet our basic needs or simply follow what to society may “make logical sense”.

This also connects to Jim Carrey’s quote: “Many people choose their path out of fear disguised as practicality” and this speaks volumes. If we truly look at the depth of this message, we see that it is true. And I think the message that both Sadghuru and Jim Carrey are conveying with these powerful statements is that we are a soul in a human body, rather than a body with a soul. And so, with this realization, our entire perception of life changes and we start to see things from a higher perspective.

With this internal shift, this internal awareness, we begin to know our own divinity and start to act as the powerful, creative, loving, spiritual beings that we are. And our goal in life is no longer accumulating the greatest amount of wealth or achieving the highest status, but becoming the biggest, grandest version of ourselves and creating ourselves in a way that is in accordance with our highest vision of ourselves. We start to manifest art and share the abundance and the love that is in the core of our very being.


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